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I…………………………………………........... Parent/Guardian of................................................... take an undertaking to abide by the following norms of the RPM Academy.
  1. In case of any change in the information given to the school authorities in my documents, address and phone numbers etc. I will immediately inform the school authorities.
  2. I will pay the fee of my ward on time and will not bother the school authorities with fee reminders.
  3. I will ensure that the child goes to the school in a tidy manner with healthy Tiffin and books as per the time table.
  4. I will supervise my ward’s home work regularly and ensure that he/she revises his lessons daily.
  5. I will not hand over any electronic gadget or mobile phone to the school, which the school authorities are allowed to confiscate on non returnable basis.
  6. I will supervise the websites which my ward surfs on the net.
  7. I will not call teachers at their residence and will not discuss the matters related to the teachers disrespectfully either before the child or in society.
  8. I will check student’s diary on regular basis and will sign all the test notebooks and respond to the notes written in the diary by the teachers for me.
  9. I will bring all the problems concerning the student to the authorities immediately for necessary action.
  10. I will try my best to attend all the teachers’ parent meetings and school programmes.
  11. I will not ask for leave from school unless it is for medical reasons or for      emergencies.
  12. I will not plan my annual vacation during the regular working days of the school.
  13. I will return all the things brought by the child home, if they do not belong to him/her.
  14. I will go for a simple hair cut for my son/ daughter and see to it that my ward does not use hair colour or coloured lenses.
  15. I will focus on neat and clean work in notebooks and use of good vocabulary by my ward.
  16. I will honor the disciplinary action taken against my ward in case of grave indiscipline.
  17. I will encourage my ward to participate in co curricular and extracurricular activities.
  18. I will inculcate good reading habits in my ward and for that I will make available magazines, newspapers and other knowledgeable books to my ward.
  19. I will give three months notice in case of the withdrawal of my ward.
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