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  • Unique Integrated Curriculum which gives a wider and deeper understanding of the subject.
  • Focus is in conceptual learning rather than memorizing skills.
  • Skill based concept-based and competency-based academic inputs that optimize inherent talents and capabilities.
  • Academic processes are constantly innovated and benchmarked with the best in the world.
  • Conducive environment in the classroom.
  • Periodical Goal setting for students and tracking them.
  • Continuous grading & examinations as a tool to instill competitiveness and completeness.
  • Designed in a way that students are prepared for various National/International Level competitive Examinations.
  • No requirement of any extra help/ tuitions from anywhere else.

We Instill-

  • Punctuality
  • Cleanliness & Purity
  • Discipline & Confidence
  • Devotion to Duty
  • Scientific Temperament
  • Sense of Humanism

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